Online Marketing is often neglected and dismissed. With years of experience we can make sure your rankings go up and hence sales and profits will go up.
Free seo audit
Why not take advantage of our FREE SEO audit? We will physically inspect your website as well as write a detailed report. As a result you can test our service and get a free site audit.
With over 20 years experience building website you can rest assured we know what we are doing – because experience matters!

Your online business is your priority, marketing it, is ours.

Online marketing and building websites for the last 20 years is what sets us apart from the rest. With our wealth of experience in all different market sectors, you can rest assured we will deliver on our promise
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Complete Online Marketing Solutions

Online Marketing has many different sectors to consider and can become quite tricky. As a result, we offer a complete marketing package which means that you can rest assured knowing your website works for you. Sometimes all you need is a little help and sometimes you need a lot. We’ll help you no matter how big or small. Fryde Digital Media have a extensive field of expertise. It would be almost impossible to list them all but it varies from the automotive industry, retail, online and physical, transport, tradesmen, professional and private services, charities and museums. We would love to help you with your online marketing. Give us a call today
Your business isn’t performing well? Maybe something simple. Contact us and we will do a free SEO (search engine optimization) audit for you, and provide you with solutions. We dont use auto text writers, each report is done by a real person.
Get your website optimized and improve your ranking and sales. Having your website optimised is key, ensuring you keep the search engines happy could be a full time job.
With our years of experience in website building, you can rest assured we’ll get you online and keep it that way. We can take care of your complete online presence. As a result, you can relax, knowing your marketing is taken care off.
FDM will help you in building your own personalised email list; creating engaging content and setting up a useful campaign which will help you in building a relationship with potential customers, and as a result will increase sales
Because social media is a part of our every day life, it is vital to keep an active social media. By posting unique content and through social media advertisements, we will get your business the desired engagement, more followers and likes, and more conversion
Most noteworthy, our content writers know how to write articles/blogs that draw maximum traffic, which will help in raising brand awareness and creating a positive brand identity
We provide services which are tailored according to the needs of the clients so that you can get exactly what you desire. Rest assured our clients are our top priority.
No matter the size of your organisation, we pride ourselves that all our clients get the very best. Each client gets a dedicated account manager which will guide them throughout the way.

Your Success.

Our Priority.

You have set up your business in the most perfect way possible, but still not making any sales?

It means – YOU NEED US! The Digital and Online Marketing Specialists  Imagine this– you have set up your store on the busiest motorway. Everything is perfect, from the storefront to the perfect interior and trained staff. Yet no one comes to your store, and you are wondering what must be the reason. The reason is that you didn’t put any signposts and off-ramps, so by the time people got to know about your store they would have sped past it. Hence, you were losing customers. Putting signposts and off-ramps is the same as digital marketing. Online and Digital Marketing is The Area Where We Come In. Digital Marketing is done by making your website SEO friendly so that Google will show potential customers your website, which will help you in getting more traffic and eventually more sales! We will spread your message around, with creatively and uniquely curated personalized  emailspaid adssocial media posts, etc..

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